How Far Your $50 Can Go?

This post brought to you by Net10. All opinions are 100% mine.

It's really hard to budget your money nowadays, whether you are receiving an average monthly salary or you are working under a highly compensated company. With the uncontrollable price hike from different products such as oil, gas, goods and more, can you tell me now how far your $50 can go? How much can you spend with your 50 bucks? Kindly recall your monthly expenses before and compare it with your expenses today? See the difference?

What I'm trying to pin point here is that, prices are somehow uncontrollable and we just can do nothing to change it, they will get higher and higher as time passes by and the best way to deal with it is to learn how to handle your budget wisely and effectively. Keep in mind that you also have monthly bills to take care of. As a matter of fact, most of these bills tend to ruin our monthly budget especially those unexpected ones. And if your budget went short, chances are, you will borrow money from your friends or you will apply for a loan which is not really an ideal thing because you're putting yourself into so much responsibilities that are so difficult to handle. You should learn how to budget your money and as much as possible purchase only the goods or services that you need, and those that will suit your budget well.

In choosing your Phone plan for example. Will you go for a postpaid even if you do not use your phone much often? Personally, i would really go for a prepaid not just because i seldom use my phone but also I know that i can really save a lot from it. Definitely, this is something that we should all look for, a very affordable plan with some cool deals and features to offer. And when it comes to great deals, Net10 is probably one of the best.

First of all, there are no contracts here so you do not have to worry about those surprising and jaw-dropping bills. Net10 only uses trusted phone manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung so that's really something to look forward to.

It has many features too including the great nationwide coverage and excellent reception/connectivity , International long distance call service available for over 75 countries and more. I was browsing the net when i found this video testimonial from Sharon,  a Real NET10 customer.


Very inspiring right? I know most of you can relate with her and I know that most of you will feel the same way. Net10 offers an Net10 Unlimited plan for as low as $50. (Now who will say that your $50 can go nowhere? With NET10 affordable plan, it is possible)

Aside from their Unlimited Plan, they also have the Easy Minutes Plus plan is an automatic minutes plan that starts at $15.00 for 200 minutes. Their Pay-As-You-Go Plan on the other hand, your minutes carry over with active service.

For more information about their service, you can also check their Cute NET10 commercial, it's funny yet very informative ads that will tell you everything you need to know about NET10. Watch the video.

Well, i guess that's right enough reasons to make you switch to NET10 but here's another 10 Good Reasons provided by Rob, let see What Rob has to say with NET10

For more updates, you can check NET10 on their official Facebook and Twitter page.

Now , can you tell me, how far your $50 can go? It really depends on how much you handle your money wisely and effectively.

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What Matters Most

I am really meticulous especially when it comes to our bathroom or kitchen. I really want a well maintained kitchen or bathroom as much as possible. No it's not a matter of being so ambitious, it's just that I feel more comfortable when my bathroom is clean and I'm sure most of you guys feel the same way. It doesn't matter how big or small a bathroom room, as long as it's clean and as long as there's no any plumbing problems.

I had some series of plumbing issues before so i know how irritating it was to deal with plumbing problems. Plumbing problems actually tend to make your bathroom look horrible. Sometimes, they leave unwanted dark spots on the floor and even unwanted smell.
If there's an unpleasant smell or if there are some dark spots on the floor, then most likely there's a serious plumbing issue that has to be fixed. You should not ignore it or else it will just make the condition worst and you will end up spending a lot of money fixing it.
You have to contact an expert Plumber immediately to detect where exactly the issue is coming from. Since they were trained for this, they can definitely fix the issue in no time unless you just hired someone who is less experience and not trained.
I may not have the cleanest bathroom around here but i try to make sure that i will always feel comfortable with it and that's what really matters most to me. Just like what they said, a house will reflect the personality of the owner and I'm sure you do not want to be judged by leaving your bathroom a mess right?
In case you''re looking for an expert Plumber Portland service in Oregon, visit and see what else the site has to offer.

My Ideal Phone Plan

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

Being a breadwinner has never been an easy task. There are so many things that i really have to prioritize and obligations that i have to fulfill. My dad got stroke way back 2001 which paralyzed almost half of his body which made him unable to work, and being the eldest, i have no choice but to take all his responsibilities. It's quite hard because i have to sacrifice but it's fun and rewarding experience at the same time.

Through my experiences, i learned how to spend my money wisely to avoid myself from any financial problems and that is something that i am really proud of. Mom thought me everything and she taught me how to become responsible as well. My mom knows best indeed, she even recommend me to use Straight Talk as my main phone provider.

I really want to consider switching to Straight Talk because i find their service pretty impressive. I think it  suits my budget well, knowing that it can cut my cell phone bill in half. What makes them more interesting is their "No Contract" plans in which you can get unlimited services (text and call) for as low as $45 a month.  Their “All You Need Plan” on the other hand can be availed for as low as $30 a month to receive 1000 minutes, 1000 text or multimedia messages, 30 MB of data transfer for data phones and 411 calls at no additional charge. That's exactly an ideal plan for everyone especially for someone like me. Pretty impressive indeed because you can have everything you need without worrying or stressing yourself with those contracts.

And imagine how much you can save from it and how  it can help you with your daily expenses. You can check this video testimonial from Scott and see how much he can save monthly after choosing Straight Talk.

Aside from their amazing monthly plans, Straight Talk also offers International Long Distance Call Services too. It is a flexible prepaid calling service that enables you to make international calls from your home, cell or office phone at low rates. Now, I can call a friend abroad without worrying about those surprising phone bills.

They also have amazing phone  selections from well trusted phone manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung. If you want to know more about their phone offers, better check this video.

I think these are right enough reasons to switch to Straight Talk and knowing that you can have everything you need with Straight Talk, i can can confidently say that this could be the best and probably the most practical choice i could ever have! Cheers!~

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Laptop Issues

I was really upset yesterday because my lappie is not working. This is my third time to bring this laptop to a technician for a repair. It all started when my computer got infected by a malicious software. I am not a techie guy so i can do nothing to fix it myself. So i have no choice but to give again my technician a call! Right now, i am using my desktop computer which is also not cooperating with me. It runs so slow and i couldn’t even watch YouTube videos! I don’t know if it is something to deal with my Internet Connection or something to deal with my Operating System. I’ve been using Windows ever since i bought my very first computer and now that i am experiencing series of technical issues with them, i think i better start making a switch. It is really irritating when your computers start giving you headache because of these hard to resolved technical issues. And because of the series of computer issues , I am now confused whether I will take it to a computer repair shop again and pay for the necessary repair fees or I should buy a brand new one. My cousin helped me to realize that I should really buy a new one since I’ve been using that laptop for almost 4 years already. One of my friends even advised me to try checking some laptops and notebooks online and compare their values and trying to canvass as well. It is really necessary to read some reliable Laptop reviews.
I have heard a lot of positive feedback about Acer and Toshiba and also the Sony Vaio but i just don't know which of them performs better. Any suggestions?

Vintage Cars and Golds

This are few of the vintage cars presented last year in my friends wedding event. These are actually part of the wedding theme and served as one of the main attraction as well. As far as I know these cars are being rented from a certified vintage car collector which happened to be their wedding organizer as well.
Well, don't you think, it is such a wise idea to invest your money into something like this? As you can see, this vintage car collector took advantage of his cars and established a renting service which served as a great source of income to him. At the same time, it is such a great investment too since the value of each car gets higher as time goes by. The oldest the car, the higher the value.
Same thing goes with gold or silver coins. If you are not a car enthusiast, then don't dare invest your money to vintage cars because you might end up being scammed by those car dealers.
But if you're going to invest your money to gold, it doesn't mean that you don't need to know anything about it. At least, you should know how to identify its value and quality. You should be aware about its value so that if you're going to sell them, you will know if the price being offered to you is accurate or appropriate for your gold or silver.
Thanks to the modern advancement, we can now sell gold and sell silver online. Silver and Gold Exchange is probably the best and safe place to sell your precious metal whether its gold bullion, coins, antiques and more.
If you are interested, you can check them on their official web page at and see how the process works.

Home Protection Tips

Safety should always come first than anything else especially in your house. So i strongly suggest that instead of focusing yourself in decorating or remodeling your house, why not pay more attention in adding more protection to your family.
Listed below are my personal tips on how to add more protection to your family at home.
Security Devices - Burglars and thieves are the number one threat in your family so better install helpful gadgets to monitor all the suspicious act from them. Better install cameras and burglar alarms. It is also much better to install some outdoor lightings to make it easy for you to monitor if someone is passing by to your house suspiciously.
Detect Faulty Wiring- Check appliances everyday. Make sure that you leave them unplugged if you're not using them. Unplug everything if you're not around. Avoid the so called "Octopus" wiring which said to be the number cause of short circuit. This is a serious issue and you should not ignore them for the sake of your family's safeness.
Home improvement and Regular House Maintenance- Along side with Burglars and Fire hazards, Natural calamities are also big threat to us. Maintaining the cleanliness in your house especially those activities like cleaning your gutters periodically can play a very important role. Gutters are used to let the water flows freely from the roof to the ground. Once the water is being clogged, it will cause major damages to your house especially if the house is made out of wood.
Even though it's a "Do It Yourself" activity, it is much better to get an expert Gutter Cleaning service for a much better and much satisfying quality of work
I hope you guys find these tips helpful too
If you have any suggestion, feel free to leave it here .Thanks.

Divorce is such a painful decision that you could ever make but isn't much painful if you're going to stay in a relationship that is not working effectively? I know that there will be a lot of challenges that will test your relationship. Of course, if the relationship of a couple is in danger, we all want to save it as much as possible for the sake of their children that's why we can hire people who can reconcile the couple to prevent divorce.
But if it is impossible to reconcile both couple then divorce is the only way. Here they have to settle certain arrangement especially their rights and obligations for their children if any. Properties can also be a part of that legal arrangement.
Divorce has never been an easy decision and something to be done very carefully. You have to think about it more than twice, think of its pros and cons since it is something that will change your life forever.
And if you think divorce is the best thing that you can do, then better seek for a reliable and well trusted attorney. Just like what I've said, you have to settle legal arrangement here so you need a credible attorney to help you out.
You should look for someone who can provide and expert and honest service, similar to that divorce attorney phoenix in Arizona. You better check the site for more info ~

It was such a very stressing day yesterday. I had couple of issues to face and you guys don't have any idea how stressing they were. Well, let's start with my phone. I’m probably the most clumsiest and the most careless guy around here. You know why? Oh well, i accidentally drop the phone in water AGAIN!! For God sake, this is the second time it happened and this is my second time to replace my phone too within a month!! Well, can you imagine that I used to change my phone at least twice a year not because i wanted to but because I broke them all.
What makes me so upset too is my broken laptop. I just had it brought it to a repair shop last week and they were able to fix it in no time but then here it goes again, giving me the same issue.
Well, i have no choice but to use my old, bulky and very slow-performing Desktop. I guess i have to bring my lappie to a technician again.
I am not a techie guy here and I don't have any idea how to fix them all by myself, that's why I really have no choice but to bring them in a repair shop and pay for their service.
I might buy a new phone again and eventually I will buy a new laptop too. It seems that my budget will be ruined again and I might consider applying for another loan to make it possible for me to buy new gadgets.
That's what I usually do if my budget is not enough to support my expenses. Sometimes I go for a fast cash while there were times i apply for bigger loans. Fortunately, I got a stable job and I was able to pay them on time. Luckily, i don't have bad credit history yet or else i will have a hard time applying for another loan though I have heard that it bis now possible because there are companies today that offer Bad Credit Loans or Loans for people with bad credit.
These companies lend money despite of your bad credit history whether you are aiming for a short term or long term loans. Interesting right?
If you want to know more how this bad credit loans work, check Capital Finance Web at



Mini Pink Cake

The Butter Battle Book

The Butter Battle Book is a rhyming story written by Dr. Seuss. It was published by Random House Books for Young Readers on January 12, 1984. It is an anti-war story; specifically, a parable about arms races in general and mutually assured destruction and nuclear weapons in particular. The Butter Battle Book was a New York Times Notable Book of the Year.

This book was written during the Cold War era, and reflects the concerns of the time, especially the perceived possibility that all life on earth could be destroyed in a nuclear war. It can also be seen as a satirical work, with its depiction of a deadly war based on a senseless conflict over something as trivial as a breakfast food. The concept of a war based on toast is similar to the war between Lilliput and Blefuscu in Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels, which was nominally based on the correct end to crack an egg once soft boiled.

There's a Wocket in My Pocket is a short children's book by Dr. Seuss. It features a little boy talking about what strange creatures live in his house, such as the yeps on the steps, the nooth grush on his toothbrush, the yottle in the bottle and Nureau in the bureau.

The original story was published in 1974. A 1996 republish has been edited to remove some of the scarier creatures, including the vug under the rug and the Red under the bed.

Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now! is a children's book by Dr. Seuss. Written as a book for early beginning readers, it is suitable for children who can not yet read at the level of more advanced beginning books such as The Cat in the Hat. The book presents in short and funny fashion, Dr. Seuss's nonsensical words, rhymes, and illustrations. The gist of the book is that Marvin K. Mooney -- ostensibly a young child whose bedtime has come -- is asked to Go in many ways.

However, two years later, when Seuss was challenged by political columnist Art Buchwald for never having written a political book, Seuss took a copy of the book and crossed out "Marvin K. Mooney" and wrote in "Richard M. Nixon." Buchwald was so delighted that with Seuss's consent he printed the text as his column for July 30, 1974. Nixon resigned ten days later on August 9th.

The Lorax

The Lorax is a children's book, written by Dr. Seuss and first published in 1971. It chronicles the plight of the environment and the Lorax, who speaks for the trees against the greedy Once-ler. As in most Dr. Seuss works, most of the creatures mentioned are original to the book. The book is commonly recognized as a fable concerning industrialized society and the danger it poses to nature, using the literary element of personification to give life to industry as the Once-ler (whose face is never shown in any of the story's illustrations or in the television special) and to the environment as the Lorax. A boy (representing the reader) comes to a desolate corner of town to visit a being called the Once-ler (who is never shown throughout the book except for his arms and hands) and learns about the Lorax. After the Once-ler receives payment from the boy (consisting of 15 cents, a nail, and the shell of a great, great, great grandfather snail) he recounts on how he first arrived where they now stand, back then a beautiful forest of Truffula Trees, colorful woolly trees that were spread throughout the area and supported an ecosystem of fantastical creatures.

Fixing Your Car

Do you know how to fix your own car? Well, that is something really necessary for every car owner since there were times that we're in the middle of nowhere and all of the sudden the engine failed to perform, leaving us no choice but to fix it or leave it alone. Exploring some new ideas is nice. Well, it broadened your knowledge and enhance your skills as well. Just like in repairing your auto for example, there are some issues that can be repaired alone without asking help from any experts. There are some installations that can be done by simply reading and following the instructions provided in the Manual. Removing or replacing a spare can be done alone so as the regular cleaning of the car.
However, when a difficult situation occurs and when you encounter issues that is too hard for you to fix, then better not take the risk of fixing it alone nor asking someone from the neighborhood who is also a less experience one. The best option that you can do is to take the car to the nearest Auto repair shop.
They can surely diagnose the issue and fix it in no time. Well that is if you brought the car into a reliable and credible shop like that Auto Repair Beaverton in Oregon. You can check their site if you want, and see how well they work.
Anyway, knowledge about basic troubleshooting is very important to acquire so that you can fix minor issues in your car without paying for any repair fees but taking it to a repair shop is probably the best option any car owner can do.

As a driver and a car owner, we all want to experience a smooth and great driving experience right? Well, how will you define the so called Great driving experience? What will be your criteria for it? Will you base it on how high tech your car gadgets are? How well your engine performs? How smooth the road is? Or whenever you hit a traffic free road?
All the things that i have mentioned above was so true though the engine which is also the brain of your car should be the first thing that you have to prioritized. A better and well maintained engine will produce a hassle free driving experience which is what every car owner is looking for.
Aside from the engine, brakes also play a very important role. I remember one of the lectures i had while taking a short Automotive training course way back 2007, they said that you have to check the brake pedal regularly. You have to check if it is working fine before you drive. Keep in mind that your life is in risk every time you hit the road and brakes can be your savior whenever a worst accident occur.
If the brake pedal can be pushed with ease or if you heard some squealing or grinding noise every time you apply brakes, then suspect that there's something wrong with it and start fixing it all by yourself if if in case you know how. But if the condition is worst and something you cannot do alone, then better take it to a reputable auto repair shop. Make sure that it's a trustworthy company like the International Collision Repair in Oregon. They are known for providing the best Auto Body Repair Portland Service. You can check their official site at if you want to know more about their company.
Oh well, I hope you guys have the greatest driving experience out there and always drive carefully. See yah!

I've been always dreaming of a luxurious-looking kitchen similar to those in the magazines. Oh well, i might be so ambitious to said that but maybe there are other ways I can do despite of a limited budget that i can offer. They said that if you are aiming to give your kitchen a luxurious look, then better choose ether Marble or granite for the finishing. They both have this glossy natural effect which can definitely makes your kitchen more appealing. Ceramic tile finishing is not that bad as long as you choose a higher quality for better appearance and durability.
Well, it's true that choosing both granite and marble can be very expensive but it's truly worth it knowing that these materials are tested and proven for their long lasting ability. The glossy effect on the other hand can be maintained through regular cleaning.
Same thing goes with choosing the right contractor or worker to install those materials. Take note the better the workmanship is, the better the quality you'll get that's why it is really important to choose the right company.
Well, lucky you if you're in Washington because you can have the best company to work with your kitchen countertops in the nature of FLOFORM. They have been in the industry since 1961 and is dubbed as one of the leading manufacturer of quality countertops.
You can check their site at for more information.

Smile With Confidence

"Smile though your heart is aching, Smile even though it's breaking" Well, that's what the late Charlie Chaplin told us through his song , Smile. Well, yes, that's a positive thing to do to keep all the worries and problems away but how can you smile if you teeth is full of cavities? How can you smile if your teeth is aching?
They said that people who have dental issues rarely show their real smile because of consciousness. They tend and prefer not to show it because their too ashamed of it's appearance. Well, if you analyzed it carefully, no one should be blamed here other than yourself because you failed to keep your teeth healthy through daily brushing and by visiting your dentist regularly.
But there's always a remedy for it no matter how worst it be as long as you visit a well trained dentist. Based on my experience, you really have to visit a professional Dentist. My pre-molar was in a bad condition before. I suffered a lot from pain and my only way to ease it is to take pain relievers. The pain keeps on reoccurring so a friend advised me to consult a specialist or a dentist. It was a great timing that our school is celebrating its foundation day and as a part of this yearly event, they hired dentists and medical practitioners to offer a free dental and medical check ups. I have no choice but to accept it because i cannot take the pain anymore. So the operation was done and after two days i begun experiencing some sort of changes. My teeth became more sensitive from cold and hot drinks. I feel strange whenever i eat sweets like candies and chocolates. I don't know if this was an outcome of the dental operation done to me but one thing for sure, my dental condition changed after the operation.
That incident made me realized that i better not give my trust to a dentist who is less experience in his field.
I wish i could find something similar to that Dentist Portland Service offered in Oregon. They are known for their high quality service and i wish i could find one here in my place. Anyway, if you're interested, don't hesitate to visit them at to see where to reach them. These dentist will certainly help you to smile with confidence

Considering Golf

Have you ever consider of include Golf as one of your favorite or a "must try" sports? Well, i don't mind considering this golf knowing that it has so many exciting features. It may not be the best physical sports out there but still worth a try.
One good thing about playing golf is that it doesn't require any age. Teens and oldies are so welcome to play this game as long as they know the rules and much better if they know how to play it effectively. Well, the main challenge here is to shoot the ball in the hole using your golf clubs. Sounds easy right? Errr think again because it's more than just shooting the golf ball in to the hole, you have to surpass each challenges. There are different golf courses and each of them might have water hazards, sand dunes and bunkers on it which serve as your major obstacles. If you're a beginner then it might take you forever before you can shoot that ball in the right place especially if you take the professional courses without proper training or knowledge about the sport.
If you're a beginner then you should start from easy courses too. Lake Oswego offers the greatest Golf Courses Portland in Oregon and they offer field for newbies as well.
You might find it quite complicated at first but, with proper training and continuous process, I'm sure you can finish the game with no ease.

How Grateful Are You?

I believe that we should all be grateful for every single blessings that we received. The fact that God gave you another day to see the sun shine is right enough reason to be very thankful in life.

You Are Very Grateful

You are thankful for every little and every big thing in your life. You give thanks as often as you can.

You know that anyone can focus on what's wrong in the world; you prefer to focus on what's right.

You see life as a gift, as bad as things may get. Gratitude is a way of life for you.

You want every one of your days to mean something. You don't waste your energy on things that don't matter.

Messy Wirings

See this messy wiring? Yeah, that picture was taken few months ago when our house was undergoing major renovation. This settings took my attention that's why I grabbed a shot of it. We're happy with the result of the renovation but I'll take this one as an exception. I'm sure it's not part of their so called "SOP" or Standard Operating Procedure. This is definitely a Big No No us obviously because it can be very dangerous not just for the workers but also for us most especially for my little brother. Well, I know this is not a part of their job and we should let the Electricians to fix it but that doesn't mean they have to ignore these wiring and leave them as messy as this. My mom told them immediately about this and in fairness to them, they fix it immediately. They had to finish the entire renovation first before we contacted the Electrician. Anyway, we're very lucky to found an honest and competent Electrician and he did his job satisfactorily and we might consider hiring him again in case we need his service.
By the way, if you guys are looking for an expert Portland Electrician in Oregon, you can visit see how you can avail their service.

Do we really need an expert Locksmith service? What is it for? Is it really necessary to hire one?

Oh well of course we need their service. take note that our keys can only have either 2 or 3 duplicate copies and how if we lost them all?
If we're talking about padlocks, then that's pretty easy right? We just have to buy a new padlock and replace the old one and that's how simple it is? But how about those built-in door locks? How about those car locks? Yes, it is possible to replace them but it will surely cost you big time. Here where the Locksmith service comes in. We need them to make another copy of our keys. They can also be hired for emergency situation where we have either locked our keys in the car or in the house or we lost them completely.
Locksmith services are actually in demand especially for commercial building where in security is the top most priority to protect their properties inside especially during the close hours.
They can open locked doors without damaging its mechanism or they can also replace them in no time.
So if you guys are in need of a reputable, honest and competent Locksmith Scottsdale in Arizona, then Metro lock & Safe Inc is probably the right place for you. You can visit them in their official site at

Global Warming, Climate Change, acid rain, drought, flash floods and other forms of natural catastrophes, aren't they enough to tell us that we should do our best to help our suffering mother nature? Check my full Article guys about how we can save the environment in order to save our suffering world and please don't forget to leave your suggestions and opinions about this matter.
Check my full Article at I hope you find it useful too.

Home Improvement

Have you ever consider to remodel your house? When was the last time you renovate it? Home Improvement is probably the most stressing task you could ever have in your house. Well, if you want to make your house more appealing, then you have no choice but to bear with all that stress and pressure. Besides, it is also for your own benefit right? Well just make sure that your house should be well-constructed from the deepest foundation up to the upper most part of the roof. Keep in mind that this home improvement is done not just for security or beautification purposes, it's also for your own safety.
As much as possible, choose only the right materials. Choose those with high quality, well, they may not be the cheapest material around but you are ensured that the materials are well proven for their durability and quality and I guess that's what really matters most.
Let's say for example, you are planning to replace your roof, whether your roof is made out of tiles or iron sheets, always make sure that you choose the right material.
Aside from the material, the durability and the quality of your roof can be measured through proper workmanship. They have to be installed properly or else you'll be facing series of issues like roof leaks or broken shingles.
This is the reason why we hire professional Roofers to handle the job. We should let the professionals do this job simply because this is their expertise and they are well trained to do this job. Same thing goes with other jobs like plumbers and other relevant profession.
Well, if you're looking for expert Roofers Portland OR service, I just found a site that can help you. Visit and see what else they have to offer for you.

I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today! and Other Stories
is a children's story book written by Dr. Seuss and first published in 1969. The title story concerns a boy who brags that he can fight 30 tigers and win. He makes excuse after excuse, finally disqualifying all the tigers until he must fight no tigers at all. The illustrations are notable for their use of gauche and brush strokes rather than the usual pen and ink. Others stories include "King Looie Katz", another warning against hierarchical society advocating self-reliance, and "The Glunk That Got Thunk" about the power of run-away imagination. Illustrations for "The Glunk That Got Thunk" make great use of wavy line crosshatching.

I Had Trouble in Getting to Solla Sollew is a 1965 children's book by Dr. Seuss. The story features classic Seuss rhymes and drawings in his distinctive pen and ink style.

Solla Sollew is an Odyssey-tale told in the first person by a young narrator who experiences troubles in his life (mostly aggressive small animals which bite and sting) and wishes to escape them. He sets out for the mythical city of the title ("where they never have troubles / at least very few") and learns that he must face his problems instead of running away from them. He then goes back home to deal with his "troubles," arming himself with a big bat and resolving that "Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me!" The journey includes several fantastic encounters, some with mild political implications. In one instance, the protagonist is forced to haul a wagon for a bossy companion. ("'This is called teamwork. I furnish the brains. You furnish the muscles, the aches and the pains.'") In another scene, he is drafted into the army under the command of the fearsome General Genghis Khan Schmitz, who abandons him at a critical moment.

Something went wrong with our Kitchen sink again. This is just so great, i don't know why we should always face the same issue over and over again. I'm not sure if it's really our fault for getting poor materials or maybe the Plumbing service that we hired last time is not as good as we thought.
So here's the thing, there's no water coming out from our faucet and it's the same issue that he had few months ago. Look, i am quite busy so as my parents and there's no one can handle this issue every time and we're all sick of it. I don't have time to fetch water outside every time they had to wash the dishes. It's very time consuming and it's very tiring as well.
The issue started after we renovate the kitchen. The workers might have done something with the pipes which probably the reason behind this plumbing issue that we're experiencing right now.
Oh well, this time we have to be very careful in choosing the right plumber. We need someone that can give us a very satisfying Plumbing service, someone that can fix our kitchen sink completely, and someone who can provide the same quality as the Plumbing Tacoma Service in Washington.
We do not want to spend more money again in the near future so we really have to choose the right one. Any recommendation guys?

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