Messy Wirings

See this messy wiring? Yeah, that picture was taken few months ago when our house was undergoing major renovation. This settings took my attention that's why I grabbed a shot of it. We're happy with the result of the renovation but I'll take this one as an exception. I'm sure it's not part of their so called "SOP" or Standard Operating Procedure. This is definitely a Big No No us obviously because it can be very dangerous not just for the workers but also for us most especially for my little brother. Well, I know this is not a part of their job and we should let the Electricians to fix it but that doesn't mean they have to ignore these wiring and leave them as messy as this. My mom told them immediately about this and in fairness to them, they fix it immediately. They had to finish the entire renovation first before we contacted the Electrician. Anyway, we're very lucky to found an honest and competent Electrician and he did his job satisfactorily and we might consider hiring him again in case we need his service.
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