Laptop Issues

I was really upset yesterday because my lappie is not working. This is my third time to bring this laptop to a technician for a repair. It all started when my computer got infected by a malicious software. I am not a techie guy so i can do nothing to fix it myself. So i have no choice but to give again my technician a call! Right now, i am using my desktop computer which is also not cooperating with me. It runs so slow and i couldn’t even watch YouTube videos! I don’t know if it is something to deal with my Internet Connection or something to deal with my Operating System. I’ve been using Windows ever since i bought my very first computer and now that i am experiencing series of technical issues with them, i think i better start making a switch. It is really irritating when your computers start giving you headache because of these hard to resolved technical issues. And because of the series of computer issues , I am now confused whether I will take it to a computer repair shop again and pay for the necessary repair fees or I should buy a brand new one. My cousin helped me to realize that I should really buy a new one since I’ve been using that laptop for almost 4 years already. One of my friends even advised me to try checking some laptops and notebooks online and compare their values and trying to canvass as well. It is really necessary to read some reliable Laptop reviews.
I have heard a lot of positive feedback about Acer and Toshiba and also the Sony Vaio but i just don't know which of them performs better. Any suggestions?


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