Kitchen Sink Issue Again!!!

Something went wrong with our Kitchen sink again. This is just so great, i don't know why we should always face the same issue over and over again. I'm not sure if it's really our fault for getting poor materials or maybe the Plumbing service that we hired last time is not as good as we thought.
So here's the thing, there's no water coming out from our faucet and it's the same issue that he had few months ago. Look, i am quite busy so as my parents and there's no one can handle this issue every time and we're all sick of it. I don't have time to fetch water outside every time they had to wash the dishes. It's very time consuming and it's very tiring as well.
The issue started after we renovate the kitchen. The workers might have done something with the pipes which probably the reason behind this plumbing issue that we're experiencing right now.
Oh well, this time we have to be very careful in choosing the right plumber. We need someone that can give us a very satisfying Plumbing service, someone that can fix our kitchen sink completely, and someone who can provide the same quality as the Plumbing Tacoma Service in Washington.
We do not want to spend more money again in the near future so we really have to choose the right one. Any recommendation guys?


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