Single and Ready to Mingle Status

I used to line myself up with those guys that are single and ready to mingle status. yup, been single for more than a year now but that's actually my choice since i have to focus more on my work to help my family. Oh well, you can't blame me, being the eldest and the breadwinner, i really have no choice but to prioritize such matters.
But of course, i'm still looking and searching for someone who I can be with forever. I'm still looing for some time to mingle and to date with girls. Well, I actually found one in the nature of online dating site. Well, online dating site is quite in demand today. It may not assure you to find someone you can marry but it is still a great way to open door for friendship (or even closer to that status).
Have you heard about LuvFree? I friend told me about this site because he is aware that i am desperately looking for a girlfriend LOL.
Well, as what the site's name connotes, This is an online dating site that offers free services. It will give you an opportunity to meet other people, meet new lover, new friends, or to meet the special someone that could possibly be your soul mate (yup! i still believe on such thing).
You just have to register an account (go to, and start meeting other people all over the globe. They got many features on their site including their mailing system, video chat, blogs, and photo storing system.
You guys should check the site. Who knows, you might be able to meet the right person for you and be with her or him for the rest of your life (that sounds soooo cheesy hehe).
Happy blogging guys and have a great day.


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