What's Cohen Diet Plan?

I never really pay attention to celebrities especially about issues revolving their love life and whatsoever but when Judy Ann Santos talked about her diet plan and how she was able to lose weight in such a short period of time, that really intrigues me.
According to her, the so called "Cohen Diet" helped her a lot. So what's with this "Cohen Diet". Who is this Dr Cohen? And what so special with this personal diet plan? As you all know, I've been looking for some effective diet plan to try on and this "Cohen Diet might be the answer.
Doctor Cohen is an international specialist who is known for his research about hormones involving obesity and weight loss. Oh well, it's very interesting when i heard about his belief that being an overweight is a medical condition that can be controlled by using food (surprise). Yup, it means that you do not have to starve just to cut down those calories. It's all about proper choosing of foods. No injection, no tonics, no meal replacement and you do not need to find those rare and exotic foods. Sounds intriguing right? I might consider trying this diet plan very soon. But as of this moment, i might stick first on taking diet pills. But of course, i make sure that i will only use any of those dr approved weight loss pills. That is the number one thing that you have to consider when taking any dietary supplements. Of course, we need ensure our safety that's why it is really necessary to use only those dr recomended weight loss pills. These doctors, specialist or medical practitioners know what's the best and effective for us that's why it is really a good idea to trust on those dr recommended weight loss pills instead of taking the risk of trying those untrusted brands. Of course both diet pills and Cohen Diet plan will work effectively if you take exercise too. That's very necessary for any diet.


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