Typhoon Ondoy

You guys must be aware about that horrible Typhoon Ondoy which hit our country way back 2009. Yes, it's been 2 years already but that what happened in our house is still fresh in my mind. Oh well, it was such a nightmare but we are very grateful that all of us were safe and sound after that typhoon.
Yes we made it through but not our house. It was like being demolished or something because of the strong wind that blew our house that night. If i can just show you some pictures but even my camera was drawn out in the water. Almost half part of our roof was blown away and the wooden walls were damaged badly. If i can describe it in one word, that would "hopeless".
That situation left us no choice but to reconstruct our house and remodel it. We're lucky actually because we were able to get a nice Remodeling Service for our house.
They were able to repair all the damages and they were able to make it more appealing than before. That's very satisfying indeed but i hope it can withstand another strong typhoon like Ondoy. Oh much better if i will wish that there will be no more another Typhoon Ondoy to come.
That's all for now guys.. Happy blogging to all. Don't forget to leave your comments here. See yah!


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