The Use of Contraceptives

The increasing cases of HIV and AIDS victims here in our country is really alarming and I'm afraid it's too late for our government to take some action. They might be lacking of some action too to prevent this from getting worst. Oh well, we should also do our part too. Safe sex is the key to prevent ourselves from acquiring such diseases. The use of condoms and other contraceptives is best option you can have towards the so called safe sex.
But make sure that you use nothing but high quality brands so that you are ensure that you are really protected. As a matter of fact, modern advancement made it a lot easier for us to purchase such contraceptives because we can now order them online which will give us wider options. It will show us different kind of well trusted brands from trojan condoms to swis navy lubricant. Well that's a good thing right? At least we have no reason not to buy contraceptive before having sex with our partner.
The use of Contraceptives is not a laughing matter here and something to be taken seriously. Take note that HIV and AIDS can be fatal in worst cases that's why we should do our best to protect ourselves from acquiring them. And besides aside from giving protection, Personal lubricants for example will give more pleasure (since some condoms are not lubricated).
Condoms, on the other hands, has mixed reviews because some men prefer not to have them while others really don't mind for the sake of safer sex (which is more important).
I have read some articles before that it is much better to use those latex condoms because they are proven to be very reliable but if you're allergic to eat, then better use Polyurethane condom instead (though they are quite expensive).
I'm not really sure but they said that there are condoms for female too. And too add more pleasure, there are flavored condoms too.
Do not be ashamed to buy condoms too since it shows that you are taking responsibility to your action.
Buying condom isn't a bad idea at all however, always remember that sex follows certain responsibilities. Actually, if you're going to follow the old tradition, it is something to be done after you get married, though we can't blame the drastic changes in our culture and environment from one generation to another. Of course, it should also be a mutual between you and your partner.


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