Considering Golf

Have you ever consider of include Golf as one of your favorite or a "must try" sports? Well, i don't mind considering this golf knowing that it has so many exciting features. It may not be the best physical sports out there but still worth a try.
One good thing about playing golf is that it doesn't require any age. Teens and oldies are so welcome to play this game as long as they know the rules and much better if they know how to play it effectively. Well, the main challenge here is to shoot the ball in the hole using your golf clubs. Sounds easy right? Errr think again because it's more than just shooting the golf ball in to the hole, you have to surpass each challenges. There are different golf courses and each of them might have water hazards, sand dunes and bunkers on it which serve as your major obstacles. If you're a beginner then it might take you forever before you can shoot that ball in the right place especially if you take the professional courses without proper training or knowledge about the sport.
If you're a beginner then you should start from easy courses too. Lake Oswego offers the greatest Golf Courses Portland in Oregon and they offer field for newbies as well.
You might find it quite complicated at first but, with proper training and continuous process, I'm sure you can finish the game with no ease.


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