What A Stressibng Day It was

It was such a very stressing day yesterday. I had couple of issues to face and you guys don't have any idea how stressing they were. Well, let's start with my phone. I’m probably the most clumsiest and the most careless guy around here. You know why? Oh well, i accidentally drop the phone in water AGAIN!! For God sake, this is the second time it happened and this is my second time to replace my phone too within a month!! Well, can you imagine that I used to change my phone at least twice a year not because i wanted to but because I broke them all.
What makes me so upset too is my broken laptop. I just had it brought it to a repair shop last week and they were able to fix it in no time but then here it goes again, giving me the same issue.
Well, i have no choice but to use my old, bulky and very slow-performing Desktop. I guess i have to bring my lappie to a technician again.
I am not a techie guy here and I don't have any idea how to fix them all by myself, that's why I really have no choice but to bring them in a repair shop and pay for their service.
I might buy a new phone again and eventually I will buy a new laptop too. It seems that my budget will be ruined again and I might consider applying for another loan to make it possible for me to buy new gadgets.
That's what I usually do if my budget is not enough to support my expenses. Sometimes I go for a fast cash while there were times i apply for bigger loans. Fortunately, I got a stable job and I was able to pay them on time. Luckily, i don't have bad credit history yet or else i will have a hard time applying for another loan though I have heard that it bis now possible because there are companies today that offer Bad Credit Loans or Loans for people with bad credit.
These companies lend money despite of your bad credit history whether you are aiming for a short term or long term loans. Interesting right?
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