Smile With Confidence

"Smile though your heart is aching, Smile even though it's breaking" Well, that's what the late Charlie Chaplin told us through his song , Smile. Well, yes, that's a positive thing to do to keep all the worries and problems away but how can you smile if you teeth is full of cavities? How can you smile if your teeth is aching?
They said that people who have dental issues rarely show their real smile because of consciousness. They tend and prefer not to show it because their too ashamed of it's appearance. Well, if you analyzed it carefully, no one should be blamed here other than yourself because you failed to keep your teeth healthy through daily brushing and by visiting your dentist regularly.
But there's always a remedy for it no matter how worst it be as long as you visit a well trained dentist. Based on my experience, you really have to visit a professional Dentist. My pre-molar was in a bad condition before. I suffered a lot from pain and my only way to ease it is to take pain relievers. The pain keeps on reoccurring so a friend advised me to consult a specialist or a dentist. It was a great timing that our school is celebrating its foundation day and as a part of this yearly event, they hired dentists and medical practitioners to offer a free dental and medical check ups. I have no choice but to accept it because i cannot take the pain anymore. So the operation was done and after two days i begun experiencing some sort of changes. My teeth became more sensitive from cold and hot drinks. I feel strange whenever i eat sweets like candies and chocolates. I don't know if this was an outcome of the dental operation done to me but one thing for sure, my dental condition changed after the operation.
That incident made me realized that i better not give my trust to a dentist who is less experience in his field.
I wish i could find something similar to that Dentist Portland Service offered in Oregon. They are known for their high quality service and i wish i could find one here in my place. Anyway, if you're interested, don't hesitate to visit them at to see where to reach them. These dentist will certainly help you to smile with confidence


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