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Are you having a hard time looking for Mp3 files? Old and rare files are really hard to find no matter how much you search it over the internet. In my case, I am a type of guy who can’t live without my MP3. I love music especially classic songs from the 80’s. However, these songs are really hard to find that is why i am very thankful that there are sites where i can download all my favorite classic songs. I am happy to discover the new rapidshare search. Rapidshare Search is one of the popular online sources not just for music but also for movies, video and a whole lot more!
Just type in the keyword in their website and then they will be providing you the results from their database. They have a special search engine which is very effective for giving out fast and quick results. The site is the perfect place to look for those hard-to-find and rare files, movies and music to download!

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  1. Andrew said...
    That's interesting, I think you can also try http://www.usemeplz.com for those purposes. It is fast and can find files that other searchers can't find.

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