A New Place For My Used Cell Phones

Are you the type of guy who is fond of replacing his cellphone every time a new model has been released? Well, i am not that type of guy and i only change my Cellphone if it is necessary or if i find a very interesting feature from that phone. I started using Nokia 3210 then changed it to a Colored nokia. Then i changed it to another cellphone that has a camera. And the latest one i have right now is a cellphone that has a TV and dual sim.

Now, here's what i've earn! 4 cellphones not in use!

All my cousins and nephews have their own cellphones. So i have no idea where to give these phones.

Luckily, i have found a site where you can sell your cell phone online. You can create your own auction and gain bidders. Finally, there are now a place for this used Cellphones!
CellKitty.com is a new auction site specially made for your cellphones. And Guess what, i also found out that there are no basic listing fees here and unlike eBay, sellers only pay if their item sells. The Site offer Free basic listings with photos & video
niche site just for cell phones & accessories to help divert billions of unused cell phones from landfill.


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