Finally, Malacanang confirmed the issue about the "breast implant". It was said that President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo had her cyst biopsy and undergone a medical procedure called "Brease Implantation"
What was the reason behind this denial of the Malacanang? are they hiding something?

Breast Implant was commonly done by most of the celebrities to enhance their figure and to make their selves more attractive to the media. It was also done by most women who wanted to look more appealing and make their selves more satisfied with their body figure.

Is this the same reason of our President? well no one knows the exact details right as of this moment.
According to the law, We as a Filipino citizen should be informed by the current condition of our president.

Well, in the end, the questions are still hanging and lo0oking for an answer. Hopefully the truth will come out directly from the words of President Gloria.


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