Camping for Fun

My family and i were done spending our summer in a beach. We're done dealing with some other beach stuffs like preparing some summer dishes including grilled pork and fishes; tasting some cool beverages like Hawaiian Delights; done playing volleyball with my friends in the sea shore and done wearing up those cool and colorful summer beachwear.
Now, i want to experience something different and more thrilling than spending your time in a beach. I would love to ask my friend to go out of town and do mountain climbing. How i miss those camping stuffs that we usually do when we're on high school. We set up our camp fire and set our own camping tent. We do some drills and other obstacle challenges that were set by our camping mentors and guardians. We prepared all our camping equipment and make sure that everything is set. During that time, we are not allowed to make use of our personal gadgets like cellphone and we have to experience how to spend a night without those technologies. I would love to do it and to experience it one more time together with my friends but this time no rules were set and everything are all for fun. I imagine how excited it was and i will sure blog something about our experiences. To do so, i would like to bring my laptop with me and i will encourage my friends to bring their own netbooks too. So we will not feel bored while we're camping.
Speaking of netbooks, do you have any idea of how much the netbook is? I am currently using a laptop and i want to experience to have a netbook. I would love to make a canvass of it so i a will be well-prepared if ever i will buy one. Through this price comparison, it will be easier for me to now what product will suit my budget.


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