I am addicted into Music that is why i try to download different sounds and music and save it on my Media Player or MP3. Im doing it every other week because it would be boring if i will listen to same songs repeatedly. One of my main source of files is the RapidShare where i can download and upload different stuffs like music, MP4, movie clips, videos and more! But there is only one thing that im having a hard time dealing with that site. Its true that there are huge collection of files available, however, im having a hard time searching and and it took most of my time just for downloading the files. But i guess i do not have anything to worry now, rapid4me - search engine for rapidshare was able to solve my problem. Through this site it will be easy for me to search and to download my files. The site made everything and files falls into one place so it will be easier for the users to search for the files they're looking for!


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