A trip to Disney

When i was a kid, i'm always dreaming that someday, a time will come and i will visit Disney Land. For me, Disney Land is every child's dream.But of course, of all the Walt Disney World Theme Parks, i would love to visit the Disney’s Hollywood Studios.Imagine how exciting and enjoying it was when you step in Disney's Universal studios and witness some of the studios' notable places. Well, we all know that as we visit Disney, our trip will not be completed if we failed to meet Mickey Mouse and his friends like Donald Duck, Miney Mouse and all the well-known Disney Princesses like Cinderella and Snow White.

Speaking of trip to Disney, have you been to Disney World theme park in Orlando, Florida? Well, i guess you should not miss to visit their Disney Typhoon Lagoon Water Park and discover the reason behind it's existence. Speaking of rides; well you should not forget to try Boggy Creek Airboat rides. It will take you on a ride of your life while viewing exotic birds, reptiles and even a few alligators lurking around the corner. Amazing! I wonder how exciting it would be and how timeless the memory it could bring.

It would be more exciting if you will bring your whole family with you. Besides, Disney is open for all ages. It is a perfect place to spend your vacation and enjoy summer break with Disney and experience the fun and thrills.

Well, of course, to make all of this possible, you have to purchase your own Disney World Tickets. Good thing that ticket for Disney Land Orlando, Florida can be accessible online. Just go and visit orlandofuntickets.com and look over their great special offers. Oh my, im so excited to pack my things and try to accomplish my childhood dream and that is to visit the one and only, Disney!


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