Entering the Business Industry

How do you see yourself 10 years from now? Do you still work under the supervision of your employer or are you going to be the boss of your own business? For someone who is not familiar with the business industry like me, I find starting a business very interesting and fun. I am aware about the risk but just like what they said, you'll never know if you are going to succeed in such field unless you try it.
You just have to courage and the confidence in order to start your business successfully. It may take time and it may require a lot of your patience, but with the hard work and determination, I'm sure all these sacrifices will paid off.
Speaking of Business, have you heard about the "Import Export" trading business? I heard a lot of positive feedback about this nature of business from most of my blogger friends. They used to have these online shop, showcasing their products imported from foreign country.
I find the business really intriguing and I might consider trying it in the future.
If you guys are interested, you can also check Perry Belcher's " Import Export Book" to learn more about this field and to absorb some of the secret formula towards success. Who knows, you might be hailed as one of the successful businessman in the future?


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