Marble Vs Granite

There has been an on going argument comparing both Marble and granite finishing. Which of them is considered as the best medium? Which is more economical and which is more practical? Let's make an analogical comparison between the two and let's find out which is much better and which is just okay.
There are major differences between the two even though they are somewhat similar, Granite and Marble are extremely different materials.
Durability - It is very important to find out how durable the material is. Keep in mind that if ever you choose to have a material that is not so durable, chances are, you will be replacing them over and over again which is really costly. In fairness with Marble and Granite, both of them are highly durable however Granite seems to be better than marble countertop because it is highly resistant to scratch unlike marble which is quite sensitive and would not even allow you to chop, slice or cut on top of it.
Maintenance - Both of them are immensely beautiful but how hard they are to be maintained? With sealer and special cleaning solution, you can clean both material with no ease however Marble seems to be more porous than granite which means it is very prone to stain most especially if you failed to clean the coutertop on a regular basis. But nevertheless, both of them are highly recommendable.
Heat Resistant - Granite is more resistant to heat. You can place hot pots on top of it without damaging it's appearance or leaving any stain. Unfortunately, you can't do that with marble countertop because they can't take much direct heat and they tend to get discoloration if you keep on doing that repeatedly.
I don't mean to be so bias here but it seems that granite is more recommendable than marble but it doesn't necessarily mean that marble is not an ideal material. Both of them are perfect as long as you know how to maintain them properly.
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