It is hard to accept that my friend Jenny is about to migrate in Canada. He’s father is working there and decided to take his wife and daughter with him. They are all done with the papers and important documents they need for migration. It is really hard for me to accept that my friend is leaving and I feel like my heart is broken down into pieces. I have heard that they will be staying there in Canada for good but she told me that she will keep our communication which sounds better to me. I really don’t know about the process of emigrating but I know the fact that there is a big possibility that we will be migrating soon knowing that my dad is also working abroad. And if he got a citizenship there, he will sure petition us and stay with him for good. This makes me so eager to know more about emigration and how it works. Just like last night when I found a site entitled “emigrate” that really helps me a lot. As what the site name suggests, it offers a lot of information emigrating including the “10 things you need to know before emigrating”, a free ebook I downloaded from their site last night. This site is said to be number one to UK when it comes to providing emigration advices. Well, I know emigrating is a long process but I am looking forward to it.


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