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Meet Kito, he’s my beloved dog! He is given to me by my Uncle after his dog gave birth to five cute little puppies. Since it is my birthday at that time, he gave me Kito as his birthday gift. I treat my dog as my best friend already and I love playing with him. He helps me a lot in relieving my stress brought to me by my work. Whenever I’m depressed, Kito helped me to overcome it! Kito is such a playful and noisy dog. He used to bite everything he sees around him like our slippers, shoes and more which leaves a big mess. Nevertheless, I still love my dog and because of his unbreakable loyalty and sweetness, I as hi owner, in return, is responsible to take care of him and provide everything he needs. I try searching some online articles and guidelines to learn more about proper owning and taking care of dogs. Luckily I found an online buying guide that offers a very useful dog care buying guide. I really learned a lot from that site especially when it comes to my dog’s biting habit. I never thought that there are toys specifically made for dogs. This dog toys will help to lessen your dog’s aggressiveness. A friend also advised me to provide my dog a regular veterinary care. This will help to endure my dog’s health. I used to buy Kito a dog food than providing him leftover foods. As an owner, I give what my dog needs. I give them dog foods than left over foods; I provide them regular hygiene care; I bought shampoos, powder and soap specifically made fore dogs, and a whole lot more. So far I can say that I am a responsible Dog owner. Dogs are man’s best friends. They are always ready to protect us whenever we’re in danger. And we as their owner should give them proper attention, love and care.
Since I have mentioned something about Online guides, my cousin brought his Play Station 2 in our house yesterday. He brought some cool games to play too! I love video games especially those RPG games. Speaking of RPG, I must say that Resident Evil 4 is my favorite. I’ve been a fan of Resident Evil game series. Resident Evil 4 is probably the greatest version of the game when it comes to graphics and game play. My favorite character from Resident Evil 2, Leo Kennedy is the playable character in the new game. Aida Wong from Resident 2 also will accompany Leon to save Ashley , president’s daughter who was kidnapped. Anyway, I am not yet done with the game so I can’t share the whole details. I used to check some PS2 Games buying guide before buying the actual game. I also visit some online forums and check feedbacks about a certain game whether it’s good or not.
Okay, that’s all for now, will give you updates about my dog Kito and about my Resident Evil 4 journey soon! Have a great day and happy blogging

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