Ongoing House Construction

We have an ongoing house construction. We decided to have some repair in preparation for the upcoming rainy season. We hired some carpenters to fix it. They removed all the damaged ceilings and roofs. They are the carpenters so they know what to do. My role is just to supervise them and check if they need something especially if their materials are lacking. I am the one who contact the hardware shop and negotiate. So far, everything is doing well, their done fixing the roof and they are currently working in the ceilings. After the ceiling, they will proceed to walls, then to the floors in which they will be replacing our floor tiles. Here, i took some photos of their finished projects. (They fixed our Gutter)

(Finished Ceilings - Hall way)

(Finished Ceiling- Bed room)

(Newly replaced and painted Galvanized Iron Roof)

(Carpenters working on roof)

As what I observed, the process that took much of their time is when they cut woods. They’re using a hand saw to cut the plywood. I guess they can work much faster if we only have Sawmill blades which can cut woods way faster than using a regular handsaw. Sawmill uses circular saw blades that made it more efficient to cut thin woods like plywood. Speaking of Saw blades, I never thought that there are different kinds of it which are used for different kind of materials. There is “Ripping” saw blade which is the most commonly used. There are “Plywood” saw blades, as what the name suggests, used to cut plywood and other sheets. There are “Abrassive” for tile cutting and “Diamond” for cutting glass, concrete and other ceramic. If you want to know more about saw blades, you can visit and see what the site has to offer!


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