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This is another great book from Roald Dahl! I just hope there will be a film version of this one. The story is about the Gregg family that hunts ducks for fun, and is narrated by an unnamed eight-year-old girl, who live next door to them. The girl possesses a power to punish people who make her cross called "the magic finger" but she has no control over what it does or when it happens.The girl becomes so annoyed at the Greggs shooting and killing ducks she places the magic finger on them. The next day the Greggs wake up as tiny people with wings instead of arms and their house is taken over by four human-size ducks with arms instead of wings. The Greggs are forced to build a nest in one of the trees in their garden, where they spend the night. The next morning they wake up to find the large ducks with the Greggs' guns, standing under their tree. They make the Greggs promise not to hunt shoot ducks anymore. They are changed back into normal humans.The next day, the girl goes to their house and find the family smashing their guns and setting up graves for the birds that they killed. The girl hears a gun fire as a neighbouring family, the Coopers, start shooting. Running in that direction, she shouts back to the Greggs that the Coopers will be nesting in the trees that night.
(reference: Wikipedia)


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