I love Wearing Glasses

Eyeglasses are great fashion statement for me. You can match it with your clothes and add more color to your outfits. Well, aside from being a fashion statement, we all know that eyeglass is a very useful eye protection tool. It is also used for vision correction. I love wearing glasses because I feel good wearing them. I love transparent eye glasses because I feel more comfortable with it than wearing shaded glasses. As you wear your fashion eye glasses it became and formed part of your identity. I simply love wearing them even my younger sister feels great wearing glasses. These eyeglasses may be made either with prescription or non-prescription lens which depends upon your eyesight condition. I got a normal 20/20 so I don’t wear prescription glasses yet but just to make sure, my mom is advising me to consult an ophthalmologist to check if I should now be wearing prescription lenses. I used to collect eyeglasses since high school. Since I am now aware that buying eyeglasses is somehow risky in a way that buying non-prescription glasses can damage your eyes and may cause poor eyesight, it would be great to buy eyeglasses with well-trusted brand like Zenni Optical. I just went over to their site at www.zennioptical.com and saw a bunch of their cheapest yet high-quality eyeglasses collection. Take note! You can purchase it for as low as 8 bucks. Amazing right? Some of my friends were saying that they rather wear contact lens than wearing bulky eyeglasses but for me, I still prefer wearing glasses. Unlike contact lenses, eyeglasses are less expensive and don’t require extreme maintenance.


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