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I know you are all aware who Matilda Wormwood is. She is famous girl character from Roald Dahl's "Matilda". Matilda Wormwood is a remarkably bright child, anxious to go to school to learn and read books. However, her gifts are unappreciated by her neglectful and unpleasant family. Her father, Harry , is a used-car salesman who sells overpriced faulty cars for unfair prices, while her mother Zinnia leaves Matilda home alone so she can play bingo. They encourage her to watch television like her brother Michael and send her to room simply for being smart. Hurt and mentally unchallenged, Matilda gets her revenge by playing pranks on her family. Matilda is sent to school by her parents, and exhibits amazing intellectual capacity and ability in her introductory class. After witnessing Matilda's great intellect in the classroom, her benevolent teacher, Miss Jennifer "Jenny" Honey, appeals to the headteacher to have Matilda moved up into an advanced class, but the cold and bitter headmistress, Miss Agatha Trunchbull, refuses. Miss Honey also tries, in vain, to reason with Mr and Mrs Wormwood, but she is not welcomed, and both parents make it clear that they are not interested either in Matilda or the value of education and learning. In the story, Matilda discovers she has psychokinetic powers - explained later by Miss Honey as an outpouring of Matilda's tremendous mental prowess, after repression by her parents and in the classroom, seeking another outlet for itself). She learns this inadvertently when her best friend, Lavender, puts a newt in Miss Trunchbull's water glass, and Matilda somehow tips the glass over with her mind. Matilda confesses this to Miss Honey, who is surprised to learn of Matilda's powers. Miss Honey invites Matilda to her cottage for further conversation. She lives in poverty, after being cheated out of her inheritance by Miss Trunchbull, who is revealed to be Miss Honey's aunt. When Matilda learns of how Miss Trunchbull mistreated Miss Honey for years on end, she formulates a plan - using her newfound psychokinetic powers - to get rid of 'The Trunchbull' for good. When Miss Trunchbull pays her next visit to Miss Honey's classroom, Matilda uses her powers to lift a piece of chalk and write with it on the blackboard. Posing as the spirit of Miss Honey's dead father, Magnus - who was thought to have committed suicide, though Miss Honey's testimony suggest that he may have actually been murdered by Miss Trunchbull. Matilda writes a message promising grisly revenge against Miss Trunchbull unless she gives Miss Honey her due inheritance. Terrified by this seemingly supernatural apparition, Miss Trunchbull collapses. The next day, Miss Trunchbull is found to have disappeared. A will is found which reveals that Miss Honey is the rightful beneficiary to his property, and she moves back into her father's house. With Miss Trunchbull gone, Matilda is moved out of Miss Honey's class and into a more advanced class, where she loses all of her powers. Miss Honey theorises that because Matilda is now being challenged in school, she no longer has the excess "brainpower" that allowed her to have psychokinetic powers. Matilda returns home to find that her father has decided to move her family to Spain. Matilda returns to Miss Honey, who reveals that the police have been waiting for a chance to arrest Matilda's father due to his dishonest businesses. Matilda asks her family to let her remain with Miss Honey, and with a characteristic lack of interest in her, they agree. Matilda is left with Miss Honey, as her parents and brother drive away.


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