How Plastic Surgery Helps my Friend

I have in which we will be calling in the name of “Jenny”. It’s not her real name because I don’t want to invade her privacy and as a matter of respect as well. Now here’s the story, Jenny is my former classmate in high school. We are not that close but we used to become seatmates. Jenny is a strong girl with a strong personality. You fight her and she fights back, that’s how Jenny is. However, in this strong personality lies a soft and gentle girl. Jenny is an overweight girl who makes her the center of attraction and jokes everyday. Everyone tease her but she never shows her weaknesses, she always fights back. Sometimes I felt pity for her and asked myself why everyone should be that rude to her. Five years later, when our batch decided to have a reunion, I saw Jenny again with a huge transformation. The overweight Jenny transformed to a sexy lady. It’s like a jaw-dropping moment as she walks on the stage as if everyone is asking “Is that Jenny?” She told everyone that she undergone medical operation called liposuction. She told us that she have done it not just to please everyone for her new look but also for herself. We saw her confidence boost which is so good for her.
Speaking of that liposuction, I have read a magazine yesterday talking about the increasing population of people who have taken plastic surgery. I search online and found out that most of the best surgeons in the world are in US. One of them is the Rodeo Drive. With their services including beverly hills liposuction and California tummy tuck, Rodeo Drive offers the best quality services and a very satisfying transformation just like what happen to my friend. With their five star services and facilities and with their well trusted Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, you’ll definitely feel like a celebrity! To check more about Rodeo Drive, just visit them at and see what the site has to offer!


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