Typhoon Ondoy, Who Shall we blame?

I felt pity for those who are victimized by the typhoon Ondoy. We once lost our property because of this natural calamity that's why i know what they're going through right now. As far as i know, Typhoon Ondoy is one of the worst typhoon calamity that our country had for the past decades. The typhoon brought a large volume of rains that causes extreme flash floods, overflowing of river banks, and series of landslides and mud slides.
I thank God that my family and I we're safe and not so affected by the typhoon. I just realized, who are we going to blame? Typhoon Ondoy affected many people and causes loss of billion properties and Death of many victims.
There's no one to blame but us who abused our environment too much. The non-stop illegal logging and other related practices is the main reason why we're experiencing this kind of threat.
I hope many of us learned our lesson. If you have time, please spend some minutes praying for the victims. Share some help even just through prayers. God has his reason for this. He maybe testing our faith to him and how long we can stand by him.
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