Tv torrents for Glee

It took me a long period of time before i found the right torrent for my favorite movie. And now, i am looking for tv torrents for the my favorite tv series which is Glee. I'm very excited to watch their season finale and I wonder if they can really make it in to the Sectionals and i they will win or not over the other performaers. I wonder what will happen to Emma and Will. I guess Mr Schuster will forgive her wife and will have their own baby too. I guess Quinn will decided to keep her baby with her. Puck will show the softer side of him and will take his responsibily for Quinn and their baby. Rachel and Finn will be together while Kurt will accept the fact that Finn will never love him but will treat him as his friend. I just can't wait what will happen next and i hope there will be another season for Glee.


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