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I really had a hard time yesterday facing our irate customer. The customer keeps on complaining about the product she purchased from us. I know it's our fault that we failed to check the item first before we give to her. As a part of our company policies, we must reach customer's satisfaction no matter what. I understand the customer and i know what she's going through knwoing that i am a customer myself as well. And if that would happen to me, i will feel the same way. Good thing, after that long hours of conversation and after my heavy and very stressful work, i was able to relieve all those stress after seeing a great ambiance in my house. I am not a perfectionist but i always make sure that my house is always clean and fresh so every time i went back after work, my irritating mood will change to calm and mild feelings. But there's one thing i have to fix in my house. I noticed lately that the air conditioner in my bed room is not working properly so as the air condition in my car. Hmmmm, i guess i have to contact a technician to fix this up. Maybe i need to upgrade something like the
AC compressor in order to achieve cool and relaxing air. Okay, time to go i have works to finish in my office. That,a all for now. Have a great day and happy blogging!

AC compressor

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