Reality Wedding Video

I’m not getting any younger and I know that time will come and I’ll be married to someone and build my own family. I’m always dreaming to have a wedding which is very unique, unusual, and something remarkable. Wedding is a once in a life time event so it really deserves to be special. Wedding is one of the most exciting events in our life. It is the time when you and your partner bind together sacredly in the front of the holy Altar promising that you will be together through thick and thin.

It might be a great experience if you captured each of the precious moments of your wedding and share it to kids someday. As what they say, photographs do not just captured the images but it also saved memories.

Photos are good but Videos are much better. Through Video, you can see that actual events. That’s why most wedding organizers are advising their client or the couple to hire someone who will be responsible in taking video for wedding. But if you want your wedding to be remarkable, then don’t just hire someone, hire Professionals! Meet Buddy Gancenia, a professional wedding videographer in the Philippines

. Buddy Gancenia is a corporate, events, and wedding videographer and one of the first and only Reality Wedding Video producers in the country and in the world.

Have a wedding that is way far beyond your expectation and a wedding than you could never imagine in your life!

If you are interested and you want to know more about wedding video in the Philippines, just visit Buddy Gancenia at! Be unique and have a Reality Video documentation of your wedding!



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