Be like Cory

I just watched the news today, and everyone is talking about the former President.
Who's CorY to us? Why do we felt extreme sadness as she passed away?
Why are we so affected?
Im not yet born at the time of Corazon Aquino's administration, but we tackled about her a lot when i was in school.
We are very proud that we are under Democratic Country because we have our voice to fight over what we consider anomalies. Knowing that Cory is one of the main tool why we have now what we called Democracy, i think i is the main reason why we are so affected by her Death.
As i watch the President's Convoy, i felt so sad and it seems that i, somehow, connected to her.
President Cory may not be here Physically, but her heart for our country remains and will try to reminds us that there's been an EDSA revolution or People Power that opened our heart to fight for what we know is right.
Farewell Cory, may we be like you and may you be with us for every fight that we are about to enter for our Country ,Peace , Unity.



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