America is currently experiencing a global financial crisis and it really sounds very alerting knowing that this may affect the entire global community including those countries that belongs to a third world society. That is the reason why most American gave their whole support and trust with President Obama last Election, hoping that he could do something to remedy the situation.
If you watch News on TV or read newspaper regularly, well for sure, you knew some of Jargons and other terminologies that are used to express the Economic status, growth and development of a certain country. We as a citizen must be aware and must be informed of the current status of our economy.
Many Businesses went down because of the global financial crisis and this makes me realize that every individual should have at least a brief knowledge about basic Economics as much as possible so that they will have the ability to know what’s really going on with the economy. When I was in fourth year High school, we tackled a lot about basic economics in which our mentors taught us about the effect in product’s prices base on the Market’s demand and supply. They also teach us how to understand such thing as “stock market”. I really learned a lot from them but I guess my knowledge wasn’t that enough to understand every details about Global financial crisis that is why I try to search over the internet until I step over at Dr. marc faber’s site where in he discusses everything about business and economy and how you can survive from the financial crisis. Through this extensive, comprehensive and very much detailed information and opinion from Dr Marc Faber, I can say that I am well prepared and ready to face the crisis with full of courage and determination and a strong belief that there’s always a key and a way to remedy this global financial crisis.


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