Colorful Laundry Bags and Backpacks

Time really run out so fast and the month of August is about to end which only means that Christmas is almost near. Speaking of Christmas, my board mates and I had a small talk yesterday and they mentioned some of their plans for this upcoming holiday. We are very excited and we’re looking forward to a much better celebration compare to what we had last Christmas year. Of course, we are expecting to have great parties and events. As a part of the celebration, we always exchange gifts to each other. This “exchanging of gifts” has been a tradition to us.
This year, I am thinking of giving them a gift which is something unusual and something unique. My fellow board mates will surely love a new this laundry bag as a replacement to his old one.
Meanwhile, my little sister will be very happy if I will buy her a floral designed stephen joseph quilted backpack or I guess she will be more interested to a simple but elegant personalized kids backpacks.
I am definitely sure that we will have a very Interesting Christmas this year!

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  1. andrew405 said...
    Cool bags. I like laundry military bag.

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