Online Blog Review # 1


Starting today, i will be having a series of blog reviews as a part of my online journey. Now as i was searching over the Internet i found a blog that really took out my interest.
My first blog review would be "Magic Mercury"
The blog title is very unique and im very curious where he got this name but for sure, there is a reason behind it's creation and that is what i am looking forward to know and to discover.
The author of the blog is Magic Mercury and according to him he is a witty guy with a splashing character. Well that is very interesting and i see that his personality reflects in all of his posts and articles written in his blog.
What it is all about:
I think his blog is made to share his interest to his fellow readers. Contents are very readable and appealing. Posts are very enjoyable and carry out his splashing character. Generally, It is a personal blog and do not stick into one theme. His blog is a mixture of personal anecdotes, his adventures while traveling and his interactions with friends and relatives. He dishes out her personal thoughts and longings about life. His blog cover out topics about Life, Life style, Men, Women, technology, Education, Health
Technical Features:
The template of his blog is pretty much simple and neat knowing that he is using a provided template of his webhost provider. The blog is intended to inform and to entertain and participating in some commercial and blog advertisements.


  1. magicmercury said...
    buddy the link which I submitted to smarty is correct. It's working fine..
    magicmercury said...
    and thanks for writing a review about my site..
    Anonymous said...
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    Sorry for offtopic

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