Im so excited for GMA's newest remake of Darna. Marian Rivera looks good and sexy wearing the Darna costumes. For sure many Tv critics will gonna compare Marian Rivera to Angel Locsin who played Darna before in GMA.
One thing that i am really amazed of about this new Darna series is that they bring back some of the original concept of Darna just like bringing out four of its classic villains like Babaeng Impakta (played by Nadine Samonte), Babaeng Tuod (by Francine Prieto) Babaeng Lawin (by Ehra Madrigal) and Babaeng Linta (played by Maggie Wilson)
Unlike to the previous Darna, Valentina is the childhood friend of Marian and it seems that it is pretty ovbious that Valentina (played by Iwa Moto) is hiding something behind her bandanna.
Darna will be starting this August and i just cant wait to watch its pilot episode!

By the way here the official Darna teaser



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