Shocking Bills

Aaaaaaaah! The Bills just came in today and they are terrifyingly shocking!!! Well i got two bills today. The first one is the monthly bill for my Internet Service Provider. It's not really shocking as my Electric Bill since my ISP bills were fixed in a certain given amount of P999 every month. My Electric bill is the jaw-dropping one! I don't know what exactly happened and why we end up with such a high bill like this. Errr! We are not consuming that much so how come our bill went high!

(my monthly bills)
Here I will show you my Electric bill last month (March 2011). It's P1257 which is not too bad for our average daily consumption. We are not using Aircon and we do not watch TV that much since we're all busy at work. Well, unless my siblings are the one behind the high Electric bill this month. They are the one left at home every time i go to work. Hmmmm soething suspicous about this. I better ask them later after taking their breakfast so that i can clear this thing up once and for all.

See how much is the difference between the current bill and the previous one. It went up 1000 peso higher. So irritating!
I better pay this bill as early as possible or else i will receive another Disconnection Notice just like what happened last January. This will ruin my budget for sure so i better get another Payday Advance to cover the rest of my expenses this month. I think i should apply to a lending company that offers No Faxing Payday Loans so that i can have the money in an instant. Any suggestions guys? And how's your bill this month? Do you have the same issue too?


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