From Jalousie to Sliding

It was actually my mom who decided to change our Jalousie Window to a Sliding one. Well, for her Sliding windows look more appealing than jalousie. I must agree with her in terms of the appearance. It is indeed more appealing than any other type of windows but for someone who is always assigned to clean the windows like me, well i can say that sliding glass windows like this is much harder to clean. The dirt and the dust are very noticeable which leaves you no choice but to clean it over and over again. That's very tiring and a little bit time consuming compare to our old jalousie windows. Well, it is too late for me to complain since the sliding windows were already installed so i guess i just have to bear with all that stress of cleaning them. Well perhaps mom decided to hire a service like that Window Cleaning Portland in Oregon. That would make my job easier right? I just wish we could find the same service here. So while i am trying to convince her, i have no choice but to do the job myself. Gosh! Why am i always assigned with this hopuse chores. Sobs.


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