Option Trading?

I was watching a news program early this morning when they started to talk about this what so-called "option trading". I am not a business expert and I do not have any idea about running a business or even doing some investments to earn more money so i have to admit that i simply can't relate with that topic. I was like totally blanked after hearing some jargon from them. They even mentioned something about "Put" and "Call" options which made me really confused. But since i am waiting for the next program, i have no choice but to watch the news until it ends.
To be honest, i never pay attention to this kind of news but for some weird reasons, even though i find it hard to understand, i tried my best to listen in every words they say. I'm so curious about it and i am trying to figure out what's this "option strategy" all about.
I thought there's no way for me to understand such complicated thing when someone from that show made it easy for me. He explained how this option trading works and he even compared it to the process of getting home insurance. Buying an option is like buying a home insurance too where in a buyer will get certain rights. Same thing goes with the option trader that buys right to a particular stock.
The option trader can buy either "put options" or "call options". This is where the Option strategy comes in. These strategies will guide you whether you need to buy a put option or a call option.
Whew! It may sounds complicated to some of you and it really needs a lot of hard work and patient to understand such matter. But it was fun to explore new things right?


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