Summer Treats

Hooray! It’s summer! This is the perfect time to hit the beach and also the great time to prepare some of our Summer cool desserts. Right now, i am really craving for“Halo Halo”. Halo Halo is a popular Filipino dessert which is somehow similar to Malaysia’s Iced Kacang though it has more ingredients added on it. Halo Halo is simply a mixture of shaved Ice and Evaporated milk with the mixture of some other ingredients like Boiled sweet kidney beans, red beans, garbanzos, Sago, Gulaman, Corn kernels, Sweet Potato cubes, Melon strips, Pinipig crunch, Nata de Coco, Kaong, macapuno or coconut sport and more.
Milzon and I went to a fast food chain last week and had some Siopao and a huge bowl of Halo Halo. You can actually do it at home as long as you have all the necessary ingredients.
This is how Halo Halo looks like.
Aside from Halo Halo, you can also try some cool Summer desserts. Here let me share some.

We Called this as Dirty Ice Cream. No it is not literally dirty. I just don't know where the hell they got that term but this one is made from coco milk.
If you're looking for some refreshing healthy drink, then you may want to try Avocado Juice. Actually this one will taste great if you blend it perfectly. You can use Slushee machine for a satisfying result. Slushee machine can actually be rented from some rental shops like the Rental Equipment Portland in Oregon.

These are Ice Candies. They are cheapest dessert you can try yet they are great tasting enough to satisfy your cravings.

Have a great summer guys.


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