Cigarette Smoking is indeed dangerous to our Health whether you're the one who is consuming it or you are the one inhaling it as a secondhand Smoker. But how come there are rumors saying that Cigarette Smoking has plenty of health benefits too? They said that it can cure Asthma, lessen the risk of some skin cancer and the risk of breast cancer as well, they said that it can also improve your body's motor performance and all that stuffs that none of us could ever imagine. I really don't know the truth behind those benefits or if there's really scientific explanation behind them or they are just nothing but false beliefs but there is one thing that i can assure you of, no matter how many benefits that this cigarette smoking can bring, it doubles the amount of harmful effects that you can get by consuming cigarette abusively.
Smoking isn't that bad and in fact, it is a perfect stress reliever for most of us. I used to smoke once in awhile whenever i'm tense or nervous of something. It used to keep all my fears and nervousness away which is a good thing! Smoking isn't really bad as long as you know how to use them in a right manner. Learn how to control yourself and practice how to get rid of temptation. Yes! Cigarettes can be very tempting to us and sometimes you should keep your eyes away away from them. If you feel that you are getting so addicted to it, then do some action to make things right. I am not saying that you should quit smoking, at least look for something else to lessen your addiction. Actually, they said that once you quit smoking immediately, it brings harmful effects to your health too. I'm not sure but i believed that this is what exactly happened to my late grandpa. He used to be a big time smoker. Yup! I called it Big Time since he used to smoke Tobacco cigarettes than those commercially produced ones. My grandma told me that Tobacco was not that expensive during their time that's why my Lolo (grandpa in Tagalog) can buy as many packs as he want. But after joining a Christian club and after he became the leader of that ministry, lolo forced himself to quit smoking since a leader should always be a model for his member. That was a Christian group as well, so as a matter of giving respect to his member he stopped smoking. However, as years goes by, he was diagnosed to have a respiratory disease called Emphysema. I really don't know the details about it but my grandma also suspect that Lolo's immediate quitting is the reason behind that serious illness.
This made me realized that if you want to quit smoking then take it slowly and in a step by step process. Try to minimize your cigarette consumption every week or month until you completely take Cigarette smoking out of you. For others, this may sound hard and very difficult especially for those big time smokers like my dad and my lolo, but there's actually some great alternatives for it like the use of electronic cigarettes. Many people today are into Electronic cigarettes now! As what the term suggests, ecig is an electronic device that used to provide the same smoking pleasure that a real cigarette can give. Most of them are smokeless while others produced artificial smokes and vapor to provide the best smoking experience. They are free from harmful elements like Nicotine and other cancer causing ingredients that can be found in the real ones. This is absolutely the best way to get rid of your cigarette smoking addiction. Well, it will really not stop you from smoking, but at least you can say now that you are smoking cigarette in a healthy manner, right?


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