A Charitable Organization?

Gosh! I can't believed that my former high school classmates are planning to make a Non-government Organization. I think they are taking this charitable organization plan so seriously and they are now inviting us to become a member. How can refuse? I love helping other people and this organization is more than just fun, we will all be doing it for cause to help those who is in need. I'm sure we will be doing a lot of feeding programs and more. However, to make all these things possible, we have to encourage more members to help us. We also need to gather funds from our fellow classmates. We need an office and we have to buy a lot of office supplies and equipments to make our organization run effectively.
Good thing a friend of ours is willing to share a space for our future office so we only have to take care of the office equipments though this may sounds that we need bigger funds to afford them. A friend of mine told me that it is possible for us to rent the equipment instead of buying them. I think this is the best option that we can have right now. And besides, we do not know how long are we going to have that motivation to run such organization so it is better to lease the office equipments than buying a brand new one.
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