McElligot's Pool

McElligot's Pool is a 1947 children's book by Dr. Seuss.It is a tale of a boy named Marco who is ridiculed for fishing in a small, polluted pool. In typical Seussian fashion, when confronted with the limitations of his situation, the young boy imagines ways in which he could catch any number of any kind of fish in the small pool.

The simple story features many Seussian themes, including the imaginative boy and his fantastic fancied fish. However, it is far more repetitive than his later works. The illustrations are shaded colored pencil rather than the later pen and ink which defined his style. Marco's mind goes from the logical to the ridiculous and Dr. Seuss provides fanciful images of fish as a child would imagine them by their name alone.

McElligot's Pool (It's Possible) is one of the many songs in the musical production Seussical. It is sung by JoJo.

McElligot's Pool won the 1950 Young Reader's Choice Award.


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