Stressing Renovation

Home Improvement is probably the most stressing task you could ever have in your house. Well, if you want to make your house more appealing, then you have no choice but to bear with all that stress and pressure. Besides, it is also for your own benefit right? You will feel so relieved after all those stressing renovation. This is exactly what we felt after a three months long renovation in our house.
That was a major renovation. We hired some workers, they changed the floor tiles, they construct new rooms and build our terrace. Here are some of the pictures taken last September.

They were constructing the new room here. This room is my new sister's room. I'll show you the results of these renovation later.
Here, they are installing Ceramic tiles. We are previously using Vinyl Tiles but because it fades quickly, we decided to install ceramic tiles instead. Actually my first choice is to replace it with Hardwood Floor since it matches our wooden furniture but my dad insisted to buy Ceramic since he like this Beige Color a lot. This is such a disappointment to me but i have no choice but to bear with it.

They are reconstructing the roof here. We changed the entire roof in preparation of the upcoming winter.

Here, they are constructing our Terrace. As you can see, they are elevating it up. when it's high tide, the water levels goes up and since we are residing near the sea, the water enters our front yard and ruins our landscape. This made us decide to elevate the floor outside.
Anyway, the renovation took 3 consecutive months which means we dealt with 3 months of irritation and stress haha. But we're happy about the outcome so all the sacrifices worth it.


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