Addiction is not a Disorder

There has been an on going debate whether there are such ways to cure Addiction or not. They said that Addiction is like a forever disorder. It is something that an individual cannot escape from. They said that no matter how hard you stop your self, you will still be tempted and chances are, you will be doing it over and over again. But for me, if you really want to change your life into something good, then start changing yourself by practicing self discipline. It is the main key towards a brand new way of living. We usually wired Addiction to drugs but actually, drug addiction is just one of its many kinds. There are many ways to cure addiction too. Let us remind ourselves that Addiction is not a mental disorder and there is always a cure for it. Rehabilitation centers play a very important role in curing drug and other related addictions including Alcohol addiction which is one of the conditions being treated at Florida Rehab Centers. Florida Alcohol Rehab set as an example that there’s always a place for everyone who suffered a lot from addiction. We usually wired the term addiction into “Drugs” but just like what I said, it is only one of its kinds. Other common addictions are sex, vises, pain killers and alcohol drinks. Florida Detox program for example, will definitely take all those harmful elements from the body of the person who suffered from alcoholism. This will help him or her to start a brand new way of living.


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