Let's Put an End to It!

I was watching a late news program when i saw this news about the Policeman who is accused to be a drug addict! Someone caught him doing such illegal activity and took a video of it which makes it very strong evidence against the accused Policeman. It's so disappointing to know that even the authorities who are supposed to stop this illegal activity also involves in such illegal act. Well i know this news sounds not so surprising to many knowing that we keep hearing the same news almost everyday. Drug Addiction is probably one of the country's biggest problems along with corruption. It seems non stop, uncontrollable and there's no way to put and end to it.

But of course, we should not be so pessimistic! There's always a solution in any problems. God doesn't throw a stone that is impossible for us to catch. Drug Addiction can be stopped. We can change this country into something better. But to make all of these possible, the changes should start within you. If you know someone who is highly influenced by Drugs, then better encourage him to visit Drug Treatment Centers to let his condition be cured. But if you do not have the courage to tell him directly about these Drug Treatment Programs, I have heard that there are some organizations here in the country that you can contact and let them do it for you. Drug addiction is not a mental disorder, it is more of an excessive behavior and can be cured through some Drug Treatment programs which involves therapies and medications and are being offered by some rehabilitation programs.


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