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I started to become fascinated with games again. I am not a game enthusiast but i know a lot about games. And just recently, i have heard that there are some cool games to be released this year which makes me really excited. One of them is the newest installment of Marvel versus Capcom. I never really expect that they will be making an installment of this very iconic 2d platform fighting game. Well, i have heard that a lot of things are being improved for this games especially the graphics and the characters as well. The graphics that will be used here are the same as the graphics being used for games like Resident Evil 5. And speaking of Resident Evil, Capcom will be releasing another installment of the game where in Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield will be pairing up. Another game that you have to watch out especially for PSP users is the newest sequel of Final Fantasy Dissidia. We all know how great Final Fantasy Dissidia is, so what's more with their newest installment right.
Anyway, since i am talking more about games lately, i realized that maybe i could build a site that are inclusively about computer games. It will be a great way to meet other gamers online and who knows, they might give me some cheats or useful tips in some of my favorite games. In fact, i started to search some well reliable web hosting service provider. Some of my friends referred me to "Just Host", a web hosting service provider. They told me about the great offers being offered by the site so i went to see some web hosting review sites to check how well justhost ratings are and most of the testimonials i read states that this server is highly recommendable. Well, that's all for know, i'll give you updates about this and wehn will i be releasing this new site


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