Test Drive!

I joined Ate Heidi and Kuya Jerry on their first ever tour using their brand new Honda Car. We went to an open field and have some test drive to know how good the engine works! At the same time, Kuya Jerry taught Ate Heidi how to operate this car. Well, i guess Car is what every man's dream. if women are more of collecting bags and shoes, well men like us are more of buying gadgets and of course, Cars! Making it more stylish and eye catching is our main goal! That's why we tend to buy some cool and elegant looking accessories for both interior and exterior parts of our cars. Upgrading its engine for better performance is our responsibility to have that great driving experience. Well speaking of this great driving experience, i guess nothing can beat the experience of riding in an expensive and elegant looking Limousine like the one you can get from Limo Portland car renting services. Well, i wonder how great would be! Anyway, maybe i am too ambitious to dream of owning a limo but of course through rental services, riding on a limo could be possible. Have a great day guys and happy blogging!


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