Games of 2011

I am not a gaming enthusiast but i can say that i am a certified game lover. I like playing RPG the most because they are more challenging than any other video games. I used to buy magazines about video games too to keep myself updated about the latest video games happenings and to check what are the games that i should be watching for. I just bought a new copy last week and i have found out that the iconic Marvel vs Capcom, will be having their 3rd sequel (8th installment) this year. This is one of the figthing 2d platform games that i never get bored in playing with. I have heard that they will be adding some new characters in the games and they will be improving their graphics too! Another game to watch out this year is the newest installment of Resident Evil which wil be entitled Revelations. Jill valentine and Chris Redfield which are both main characters of the very first Resident Evil game will be pairing up again for this newest installment. It will be revealing some of the untold stories of the game. I'm so excited about it! Looking for cool PSP game this year, then you have to watch out for the upcoming Final fantasy Dissidia 2. If you enjoyed the first game and see all the playable characters of the entire Final Fantasy series, then i'm sure it has a lot of cool surprises for us for their newest Installment! Cheers! Well, there's only one thing that i hate about video games. They are formatted and you cannot control the game as they are all following a main or central theme unlike Casinos online that offer more excitement and you will really don't mind playing it over and over again. You will be opposing with real online players and you will be dealing with real money here which gives more excitement on the game. So if i were you, better include these casino online games on your gaming list so in case you get bored with your favorite video game, you have something to play to get rid of that boredom. Have a great day guys and happy blogging.


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