Do you know who Ben Campbell is? Well, Ichan and I had a movie marathon together and one of the films that we've watched is the film called "21". Ben Campbell is the main character in the film. He is a very intelligent student in Boston who strives to succeed. He wanted to be transferred into Harvard School of Medicine but he just can't afford the tuition fees since he came from a very poor family. One day, his Math professor brought him to a secretive club who were trained of skill of card counting at blackjack. Since he wanted to have money, Ben joined the club. They go to Las Vegas almost every weekend to play blackjack and use their skills of code talk and hand signals. Ben won hundred of thousands because of winning Blackjack casino after casino. Then Ben and his professor had some issues about the money which causes a lot of troubles but Ben were able to surpass those challenges and fulfilled his goal.

Well, I know the film don't have that significant lesson but it somehow inspire me and wish I could be as intelligent as Ben and i wish i have those skills so that i can win casinos with no ease haha. But of course, i know i should play fair if i don't want to get karma in the end. Well, going to a land based casino is somehow costly and time consuming so i would rather play On line casinos. Besides, they can offer the same amount of excitement and thrills. Oh and it is very inexpensive too knowing that you do not have to pay for travel expenses and you do not have to wear elegant suit just to play it. You just have to sit in front of your PC and dress anything you like (actually even if you're naked hahaha).
Cousin Ichan is still here and were planning to watch another set of movies later on. Any recommendations?


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