On Going Renovation

Remember the on going renovation in my Auntie's house? Well, i went to visit her again yesterday and So far, it's doing great. In fact, I failed to recognized the entire house becuase most of the wall were taken out and been demolished. She's planning to extend her house and add one more room for her daughter who will about to get home this year from abroad. Anyway, i took some shots of the renovation to let you see the progress.

Look at the big mess around here. They took the wall dividing these rooms to give more space for their new kitchen. And see those rocks out there? They will build a door there to give way to their new extension.

They are also working now with the tiles. They're tearing off the Vinyl tiles and they are planning to replace it with ceramics. Well sounds like this renovation will be a long process huh.
However i saw some parts which is kinda possible to bring hazard like this open wiring. This should be fixed before any worst thing can happen. This is located near their water supply which makes it more dangerous. They better hire a Plumber to fix this. A Plumber knows how to fix this issue. He has the knowledge on where this wiring should be placed without being affected by the water supply flowing on the pipes. They better hire someone like the Plumber Portland Or has to fix the issue in no time.
Here's one more trouble!
Anyway, some part of the house were already tiles like this one. I just love the beige color. So cool! That's all for now guys, will give you more updates about this. See yah!


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